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Kastoria, the most picturesque city of Macedonia, has a special morphology and rich cultural heritage. It is built on a peninsula which penetrates into Lake Orestiada and spreads amphitheatrically around it, at an altitude of 620 metres, while mounts Gramos and Vitsios rise around it. It is a modern city which maintains the special character of its environment and history, with old quarters, alleys, impressive manors, many museums and byzantine churches. The city tour is easy by car and bike or on foot, which is preferable as, in every corner, you may find out something different and interesting, and admire the city which is embraced by the lake from a different point of view.

ANASTASSIOU hotel suggests an exciting tour with the hotel's mini-bus to the most important sightseeing of Kastoria:

Entering the city, we see its modern part with the market, the banks, the businesses and the modern buildings.

Following the road by the lake, we see the South Beach, the most favourite part of young people, with bars, cafes, restaurants and taverns, and we head for the picturesque old quarter of Doltso, where there are splendid Kastorian manors of 17th - 18th century, which are reminiscent of the economic and cultural boom of the city of furriers. In the manor Nerantzi Aivazi, the Folklore Museum of the city is housed, where, among others, there is an area of enactment of a furrier’s workshop. In the same area, we see the Costume Design Museum, with costumes and jewellery which are typical of the folk culture of the area, housed in the manor of Brothers Emanouil, a spectacular sample of the traditional architecture of 1750. A new museum, a donation of the Niarchos Foundation, was established recently in this neighbourhood. It is the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, with historical documents and memorabilia of this heroic period.

From now on, the so-called “small tour” of about 7 kilometres starts. In the beginning, you can see the Cave of the Dragon among other caves on the banks of the lake with the 7 underground lakes, 10 halls and 5 walkways-tunnels. Here, bones 10,000 years old of the cave bear have been found. According to tradition, there was a gold mine in this cave, guarded by a vigilant dragon. Then, you may visit the famous Monastery of Panagia Mavriotisa, and then, we reach the North Beach with the gracious quarter of Apozari. Later, don’t miss the Byzantine Museum, the collections of which include icons, sculptures, mosaics, wood carved items, ecclesiastical items (manuscripts, utensils etc.), which cover the period from the 12th to the 17th century. The road ascends slowly to the hill of Prophet Elias and an ideal plateau with modern theatre facilities, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kastoria and Lake Orestiada. You will be amazed by the view!

You may also visit:

  • The archaeological site of ancient Dioklitianoupoli, outside the city, where there is part of the wall, Roman graves and three early Christian basilicas with mosaic floors.
  • The archaeological site of Dispilio and Ikomousio, 7 km from the city. They are the findings of the only lake settlement in Greece, from mid 6th millennium BC to mid 4th millennium BC. The Ikomousio attempts a faithful enactment of the settlement, its huts and the way of life of its residents.
  • The Museum of Wax Figures of Folklore and Prehistory, in Mavrochori. Here, scenes of the daily life are presented, with wax figures in natural size, mores of Greece, a pre-war village with the professionals of the era, a cave with ancient humans and various exhibits in thematic units. In the same place, the collection of Mr. Pistikos is also housed, with exact miniatures of the major manors, byzantine churches and monuments of the Prefecture. At the same time, it operates as a cultural centre with various activities.
  • The Paleontology & Paleobotany Museum, in Nostimo. It is a rare, petrified, subtropical forest 15-20 million years old, with beeches, chestnut trees, oak trees and palm trees, as well as marine fossils (seashells, snails, starfish, mussels and the tooth of a giant shark).
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