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Natural monuments of the area
Lake Orestiada, of a surface of 28 square km and a maximum depth 9.5 m., one of the most beautiful lakes of Balkans, has been classified as a “Natural Beauty Monument” by the Ministry of Culture, and has been integrated in the European Network “Nature 2000”. It is a wetland of great importance for birds, as it supports about 200 species, many of which are rare and under extinction, and which are protected by the international and national law. It is the only lake in Greece with waterfront forests of hydrophilic trees, and it constitutes one of the rarest habitats of Europe. The lake of Kastoria is the second more productive in fish lake of Greece (carp, bass, roach etc.).
Today, the lake is suitable for various sports, such as: rowing, fishing and surfing. It hosts many athletic events, the most important of which is the International Rowing Competition, every September.

River Aliakmon, the longest river in Greece, 297 km long, with its spring in Gramos and its mouth in the Thermaic Gulf. It is a rare wetland and one of the richest water resources of the area, with dense forests of deciduous trees and about 30 species of fish.

Mount Gramos, of incomparable beauty, is one of the few unexplored destinations in Greece, with extended fields, alpine rivers and virgin forests. The forest of Barouga has been declared a “monument of nature”, while, in its heart, there is a small miracle of nature, Drakolimni, at an altitude of 1,740 m., where a rare aquatic species is found, the alpine triton. Wild animals, such as the brown bear, the wolf, the wildcat, the boar, the roe, the wild kid find their shelter here. The tours in the complicated paths of the mountain are exciting and full of surprises.

Vitsi, with its woody hills and its rare flora and fauna is one of the most interesting destinations for nature lovers and skiers, as it has a remarkable ski centre with modern facilities. It is protected at a national level as a prey refuge.

The stone bridges of the area are masterpieces of the traditional Kastorian architecture. They are worth visiting.
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